Thursday, July 19, 2012

Painting on Fabrics-Sea Creatures-1

My first passion always was and will be painting. I feel so happy when I have a paint brush in my hand. I don't mind painting a wall, a door or a window grill work, or on paper or fabric. It is somehow soothing to simply paint a surface with all your concentration. I even like it better with my favorite music playing along. Even now, when I am depressed, or feel low, I either, paint or head to kitchen to experiment some new dish. It sort of makes me forget everything.

I used to paint a lot on paper which later on I made into greeting cards and sent to my friends and relations. 

But when I discovered painting on fabric, it was a totally different experience. Painting on fine muslin cottons is different from thicker ones. Similarly painting on crepes or nylon is different from silks. Well there is lot of scope for experimentation and I did lot of experiments, learning something new each time. Of late, somehow, I don't find that much time to hold a brush, let alone paint.

This one is one from a series of sea creatures, I painted on my cushion covers, divan set and table cloth. 

There is something magical and mystical about the sea creatures and the sea itself. I love to paint fishes.

This is very old and it has been washed so many times, with lots of brushing-so the paint might have peeled of in some areas.

I just loved the expression of this fish-all jubilant and that's why selected to paint it.  The back ground fabric was a very thick casement fabric. It is very difficult to paint and if not painted properly, the paint will peel off on washing. 

The colour I chose was sea green (or blue?) since I was painting sea creatures. I used pearl colours too (for the sea grass) but its shine cannot be seen here.

This I used this motif for the center of table cloth. I will post the remaining ones in my next keep an eye on my blog.....


Ranjana's craft blog said...

Very beautiful.
You are true...painting painting relaxes us. It's nice to play with colours.

Ms Sharma said...

Thank you Ranjana

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