Monday, November 1, 2010

Storing and Carrying Jewellery

We women love jewellery. May be some love more than others. Some of us may have just a few selected pieces. But some may have many. This may include, those made of gold, silver, platinum, gem stones and many pieces of imitation jewellery. No mater what all these pieces require care, in storing, carrying with us when we go out and also while cleaning them. 

Well I am going to post some of the storage solutions for jewellery. Here is one - a medium sized one. This is a bangle cum jewellery kit. This is made of leather out side. Its covered with see through plastic material. Inside it is lined with felt. 
This is how it looks when closed. The see through cover enables you to see the contents with out opening. The small bins can accommodate, ear studs, rings, small boxes containing chains, pendants etc. The other side is for bangles. One can remove the bar fill it up with bangles and again set it back.
This is not only good for storing but also carrying when we travel. Its light weight and easy to carry. Cost is also OK. This also makes a good gift for any lady of any age. We can also keep one for our own use.

So how do you like it?

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