Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Rangoli- 314

Diwali Special

Here is one more Rangoli for you. This is 19 to 1 straight dots. Just follow the pattern from the picture.

I have kept both the Rangolis very simple. Hope you like them. 

Sorry for being away so long. I am not keeping good health. Nothing serious but something or the other cropping up. Plus lots of personal matters to attend to, which is leaving me tired and busy. Hope I can post often.

Wishing you all a very


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Rangoli - 313

Diwali Special

Friends here is a Rangoli for Diwali. This is 13x 13 straight dots, then 3 and 1 dots in center , on each of the four sides . You can see the pattern of dots and how I have drawn the Rangoli. 

I have drawn, diyas(lamps), swastika and lotuses, as the theme for Diwali. Hope you like it. 

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Thursday, August 27, 2015



Tomorrow is VaraLakshmi Pooja. So here is the special rangoli.

I started with 11X11 dots in center. then added the extra dots on all four sides in the center, as shown in the first picture, which is for Pots

This is how you draw the pots using the dots.

You can draw the lotuses and swastikas as shown below.

This is very easy and simple. Hope you like it. 

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