Congratulations to Mirabai Chanu for winning two Gold Medals in Common Wealth Games - 2018, in Weight Lifting sport. We are all proud of you.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Congratulations to Mirabai Chanu !

I was just watching Mirabai Chanu in the CWG-2018. What a performance! It was great watching her lifting those weights so effortlessly. What a proud moment to see that an Indian woman left other competitors far behind. 

Congratulations to her, She won us two Gold Medals on the first day. 

Wishing her all the best and many more such achievements....

Now our sports persons are doing better and better in international events. This is what we Indians have been longing to see for so long.

Wishing our Indian team at CWG 2018 all the best in the coming events.

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