Friday, May 20, 2016

Good Luck Card

Hi there.
Here is one more card.

Its a Good Luck card. Many of my students have done excellently well this year in the board/final exams and some of them are leaving me. So for wishing them all the best, I have been making some cards. This is one of them.

This one is very easy to make. 10-15 minutes at the most. First I punched out butterflies from silver and black papers. 

I folded the card, attached the silver and black tape  (parallel ones) length wise. Then glued the  punched out butterflies. 

I stamped out the sentiment onto a rectangular piece of white card stock using black ink. I trimmed it to fit the space on the card and then punched out butterflies(half) on both sides using a medium sized punch. Then glued it to the card. 

Then I attached the black and silver tape on the top and bottom of the sentiment.

That's it. 

Materials used:

Dark pink (pearl) marble handmade Paper
Silver and Black glitter self adhesive Tape
Silver coloured hand made paper
Black hand made paper
White card stock
Good Luck sentiment stamp
Black ink for stamping
Butterfly punches(two sizes)

I will be happy to know your views, comments or suggestions if any......

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

My Stash-Tapes

Friends, we are having lot of power surges. So I am not daring to switch on my computer.

Here is a glimpse of my stash of tapes.

My stash of tapes is very small. I have some paper tapes-plain as well as printed. Some glitter tapes and cloth tapes, printed and lace type ones. My favorite are the plaid tapes and black and red wave design tape. I only buy them locally and when on sale. That way it is much cheaper than online. 

From cards to school projects-I use these tapes. So they come in handy when I have to help my niece in her school projects.

I will keep on adding to it.....and keep you updated.  

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Easy Peasy Card

I was away for long. Sorry for that. amidst the hot temperatures and water scarcity, we have had thunder storms in the past few days. Moderate rains did help my plants and the temperatures are down a bit. The power lines were down for some time. So we had no electricity for long hours during the past few days. When ever the storm is on they cut power for safety sake. If that happens during night time or early morning hours then it takes some time for power restoration. That is why I couldn't post.

Here is one more card. This one is a birthday card.

The base you see is a dark pink pearl-marble hand made paper. I think I got that correctly. It has a pearl sheen and also marble affect. It is hand made paper. 

The top fold is about one inch less than the bottom fold. I don't think it is clear from the picture. I don't know what this fold is known as. Does any one know?

I first stuck the black printed tape. Both on the top and the bottom folds. It looked so apt.

After that I did not know what to do. None of the papers or other material seemed to match the card. 

Ultimately I used a small rectangular piece of black hand made paper as a layer. Stuck to the base with glue. The picture stickers-I used foam tape to give them a little dimension. Added the four self adhesive white stickers to the four corners.Then I stuck the sentiments.

In all it took me just a few minutes to make this card. So what do you think?

Materials used:

Dark pink (pearl) marble handmade Paper
Black printed Tape
Black hand made paper
Sentiment and Picture Stickers
White self adhesive crystals
Foam tape

Your comments/suggestions and thoughts mean a lot to me......Please do take some time to comment on these post as I am still in learning stage and welcome your suggestions.

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